Essence of Communication


We are usually impressed by the ones who can talk good English. We do not often realize if the person is a good communicator or they want to create flamboyance through language.
Here are some points that one should keep on mind while practicing for any speech or if you desire to get rid of stammering and improve fluency.
Point number 1: Read aloud!! This time you will record your voice. That’s the beauty of this activity. Your brain will next identify the flaws in speech. Record and record. This will improve your fluency over a week’s time.

Point number 2: Reduce the speed at which you talk. Speed which is ideal for your thoughts and the time your brain takes to articulate and then you talk, yes, that is called as effective communication.
In simple terms it should not be difficult for you to repeat your last spoken sentence without missing a single word.
These two points are really simple, practical and easy to try.
Now pick your mobile, read from a paper or book or the gadget and start playing your voice recording 🙂


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