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We came cross this website called which provides exemplary support to build projects with your creative skills.
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The field is dominated by many notions and this website helps to assess your project. The product you want to sell can be evaluated before you do the real selling.
Entrepreneurship is considered a challenge. Especially in creative fields its much more tough as it has to take the shape.
Kickstarter supports the following creative fields: kickstarter projections

  1. Art
  2. Comics
  3. Crafts
  4. Dance
  5. Design
  6. Fashion
  7. Film & Video
  8. Food  Games
  9. Journalism
  10. Music
  11. Photography
  12. Publishing
  13. Technology
  14. Theater

KickStarter as the name suggests is focused in flagging off your projects with extensive support.
The USP is training + funding. 
What happens after you are a part of Kickstarter:

  1. Build your project
  2. Get feedback
  3. Launch it to the world!
  4. Track funding progress
  5. Funded!
  6. Keep backers in the loop
  7. Send rewards
  8. You did it

Not only they help in funding and training, but also builds the suitable community and network around you.
That gives a commendable clarity to your projects and dreams.
No Disappointment:
The fear of non funded project vanishes at kickstarter as they are sure of providing the right and like minded people. Finally that becomes the greatest resource ever for a start up or team work.
Kickstarter says ” If a project on Kickstarter does not reach its funding goal, no backers (participants) are charged and no money changes hands. But there are still positives: creators can get useful feedback and often find new people interested in their work. Creators are welcome to relaunch their projects on Kickstarter and apply lessons learned from the first go-around.”
Kudos to great ideas! We would suggest you to visit their site at
About KickStarter:

Kickstarter is a team of 135 mentors based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
They began their operation to make the creative projects become real since 2008.
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