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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) GE6151 CP Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 1st SEM GE6151 Computer Programming Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Function – definition of function – Declaration of function – Pass by value – Pass by reference – Recursion – Pointers – Definition – Initialization – Pointers arithmetic – Pointers and arrays – Example Problems.


1. What is pointer? How will you declare it?

2. What is a pointer to a pointer?

3. What are the operations that can be performed on pointers?

4. What is pointer arithmetic?

5. What is a void pointer and a null pointer?

6. What is an address operator and indirection operator?

7. Why is pointer arithmetic not applicable on void pointers?

8. What is the use of Pointer?

9. What is user-defined function?

10. What is meant by library function?

11. Write the syntax for function declaration

12. What are the two parts of function definition?

13. What is meant by pass by value and pass by reference?

14. What is a function call? Give an example of a function call

15. What is default arguments and command line arguments?

16. What is a recursive function?

17. What is the need for function?

18. Differentiate Tail and Non Tail recursion

19. What is linear recursion?

20. What is a function pointer?


1. Discuss about pointers and their operations that can be performed on it

2. What is an array of pointers and what is pointer to an array? Explain in detail with example.

3. Write in detail about function declaration and function definition

4. Discuss about the classification of functions depending upon their inputs and output (parameters)

5. Explain in detail about Pass by Value and Pass by reference.

6. Discuss about passing arrays to function.

7. Explain in detail about recursive function with sample code.

8. Explain in detail about function pointers.

9. Write notes on fixed argument functions and variable argument functions.

10. What are the applications of recursive function? Explain about Tower’s of Hanoi Problem.


Introduction – need for structure data type – structure definition – Structure declaration – Structure within a structure – Union – Programs using structures and Unions – Storage classes, Pre-processor directives.


1. What is structure? Write the syntax for structure.

2. Write the various operations on structure.

3. How the members of structure object is accessed?

4. Write the use of size operator on structure.

5. What is a nested structure?

6. How typedef is used in structure?

7. Define Union in C.

8. Write the operations on union object.

9. Write the storage classes in C.

10. What is C preprocessor?

11. What is Translator?

12. What is compiler?

13. What is trigraph replacement?

14. What is line splicing?

15. What is tokenization?

16. What is macro? What are predefined macros?

17. What is pre processor directive handling?

18. What is line and error directive?

19. Give the use of preprocessor.

20. Define conditional compilation directive.


1. Explain about storage class specifiers.

2. Explain about C pre processor and phases of translation.

3. Explain about pre processor directive.

4. Explain about union and its practical applications.

5. What is enumeration explain with examples.

6. Explain functions and structures.

7. Explain about structures and its operations.

8. Explain about pointers to structures, array of structures and nested structures.

9. Write a C program using structures to prepare the students mark statement.

10. Write a C program using unions to prepare the employee pay roll of a company.

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