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GE6161 CP Lab

Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) GE6161 CP Lab for all experiments is provided below. Download link for CSE 1st SEM GE6161 Computer Practices Lab Manual is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 1st SEM GE6161 CP LAB – Computer Practices Lab Manual
1. Document Creation, Search, Generate, Manipulation data using MS Office
1.a) Preparation of an Advertisement in MS-Word
1.b) Preparation of Curriculum Vitae (CV) in MS-Word
1.c) Creation of Scientific Notations in MS-Word
1.d) Mail Merge and Letter preparation in MS-Word
1.e) Presentation about a Company using MS-PowerPoint 1 5 9 11 15
2. Presentation and Visualization – Graphs, Charts, 2D,3D
2.1) Graphs and Charts in 2D, 3D using MS-Excel
2.2) Student Marks List analysis using formula in MS-Excel
2.3) Calculation of Salary details in MS-Excel 17 21 27
3. Problem formulation, Problem solving and Flowcharts
3.1) Drawing Flowcharts – Biggest among three numbers
3.2) Drawing Flowcharts – Fibonacci series
3.3) Drawing Flowcharts – Sum of digits of an integer 29 31 33
4. C Programming using Simple statements and expressions
4.1) Finding the Roots of a Quadratic Equation
4.2) Armstrong number
4.3) Menu driven program 35 39 43
5. Scientific problem using decision making and looping
5.1) Generating Prime Numbers between a given ranges
5.2) Generating Sine series
5.3) Reversing the digits of a number 49 53 57

6. Simple programming for one dimensional and two dimensional arrays
6.1) Ascending and Descending order of the given numbers
6.2) Matrix Multiplication
6.3) String Palindrome 61 65 71
7. Solving problems using String functions
7.1) String manipulation
7.2) Sorting strings
7.3) String operations 75 79 83
8. Programs with user defined functions – includes parameter passing
8.1) Swapping of two numbers – call by value
8.2) Swapping of two numbers – call by reference 87 91
9. Program using recursive functions
9.1) Combinatorics ( nCr ) using recursion
9.2) Fibonacci series up to a given term using recursion 95 99
10. Program using structures and unions
10.1) Students records using structure
10.2) Payroll processing using union 103 109
GE6161 CP Lab with all experiments – Download Here
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