GE6252 BEEE 2marks 16marks, Basic Electrical Electronics Engg Question Bank, BEEE Short Answers


GE6252 BEEE 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2013 MECH GE6252 BEEE 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. GE6252 BEEE Short answers, Question Bank for Basic Electrical Electronics Engg  are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

1. Define the following terms Active & Passive elements with suitable example for each. (BTL 1)
2. Distinguish the difference between Loop and Mesh loop analysis. (BTL 2)
3. When a resistor is placed across the 415V supply, the current is 36 A. What is the value of resistor that must be placed in parallel to increase the load to 40A? (BTL 1)
4. Illustrate Ohm’slaw. (BTL 3)
5. Illustrate the following laws (i) Kirchoff’s current law (ii) Kirchhoff’s voltage law.
6. Explain the terms power and energy. And also write the expression for electrical power and energy. (BTL 3) (BTL 4)
7. Define (i) Real Power (ii)Reactive Power (iii) Apparent Power (iv) Power factor. (BTL 1)
8. Define (i) Average value (ii) Effective or RMS value (iii) of an ac voltage signal.

9. Define the terms (i)Form factor (ii) Peak factor.
10. Formulate the formula for deflecting and controlling torque for PMMC and MI Instrument. (BTL 1) (BTL 1) (BTL 6)
11. Explain the term resonance in a RLC series circuit. (BTL 5)
12. Express the following terms (i) Amplitude (ii) Cycle (iii) Phasor (iv) Phase angle with suitable expression. (BTL 2)
13. Explain the following terms Real or True or Average Power, Reactive Power (BTL 4) and Apparent or Total power.
14. Summarise the advantages of 3 phase circuits over single phase circuits? (BTL 5)
15. Discuss the three torques required for the proper operation of indicating instrument.

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