GE6351 EVS 2marks-16marks Environmental Science & Engineering Question Bank, EVS Short Answers – CSE 3rd SEM Anna University


GE6351 EVS 2marks

Anna University Regulation 2013 CSE GE6351 EVS 2marks 16marks is provided below. Download link for CSE 3rd SEM GE6351 Environmental Science & Engineering Short answers, Question Bank are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. Define Ecology?
2. Define Eco-System with an example?
3. What are the structural components of an Ecosystem?
4. What is Ecological Succession? Mention its types.
5. Discuss about the prime characteristics of
i. Forest Ecosystem ii. Grassland Ecosystem iii. Desert Ecosystem iv. Aquatic Ecosystem
6. Differentiate species and genera. (or) Define genetic diversity.
7. Differentiate between biodiversity and ecosystem biodiversity.
8. What are hotspots of biodiversity?
9. Justify India to be a great spot of biodiversity.
10. Bring out the threats towards biodiversity.How poaching affects biodiversity?
11. What are the aesthetic values of biodiversity?
12. Explain the necessity to conserve biodiversity.
13. Discuss the water cycle.
14. Bring few methods to conserve biodiversity.
15. Bring out the classification of aquatic ecosystem.
16. What is ecosystem diversity?
17. What are biodiversity and its significance?
18. What is threatened species?
19. Define environment. Mention its components.
20. Define environmental science & environmental education.
21. Give the components & functions of eco system.
22. Define energy flow and nutrient flow.
23. Define consumers, producers and decomposers
24. Define genetic and species diversity
25. Define endangered and endemic species with examples.


1. Explain the components, and functions of a Forest ecosystem.
2. Explain the structure and functional features of Aquatic ecosystem.
3. Write a note on endangered and endemic species of India.
4. Discuss the value of biodiversity.
5. Explain Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen cycles.

6. What are the threats faced by biodiversity. What are the solutions for the threats?
7. Explain In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of biodiversity. (or) What are the measures recommended for conservation of biodiversity?
8. Write the components of environment. Mention their functions.
9. Define eco systems. Mention their structure, components and functions.
10. Discuss the important features of grass land /forest /marine /desert/ aquatic eco systems
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