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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) GE6351 EVS Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 3rd SEM GE6351 Environmental Science & Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


UNIT II: Part – A 

1. Define pollution and what are the types of pollutants?

2. What is the chemical composition of atmospheric air?

3. What are the causes of air pollution? Mention some control measures of air pollution.

4. Define PAN.

5. What is smog and how it affects health and environment?

6. Define ACID rain and its cause. What are the control measures of acid rain?

7. What are Municipal Solid Wastes(MSW)

8. What is the mechanism of ozone layer depletion?

9. What are the properties of terrestrial and marine water?

10. Mention the chemical parameters of water quality.

11. Define COD and BOD.

12. What are the advantage and disadvantages of zeolite process?

13. Brief about demineralization process.

14. Define soil pollution and what the sources of soil pollution are?

15. List some sources of urban and industrial waste.

16. What are the effects of marine pollution? How will you control it?

17. How will you control noise pollution?

18. What are the sources of thermal pollution?

19. Define radioactive pollution.

20. List out the role of an individual in preventing pollution.

Part – B

1. Mention the sources and effects of various air pollutants. Also Describe the method of control of air pollution.

2. (i) Briefly describe the sources effects and control of noise pollution.

    (ii) Discuss about OZONE layer depletion.

3. Enumerate with example the major sources of surface and ground water pollution.

4. (i) Explain the method of sewage water treatment.

    (ii) How acid rain is formed? Explain its impact.

5. What are the major sources of soil pollution? And what are the measures to be taken to prevent soil pollution?

6. Explain in detail the Solid waste management techniques and the disposal of MSW.

7. (i) Explain any two case studies on Nuclear pollution.

    (ii) Explain in detail about radioactive pollution.

8. What are the sources, effects & control measures of Marine pollution?

9. Explain the methods of disposal of municipal solid waste.Write notes on disposal of radio- active wastes.

10. (i) What are the causes of soil erosion and methods of preventing it.

      (ii) Describe case study on industrial pollution.

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