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GE6351 EVS Notes

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2.3.1 Introduction

  • A forest is an area with a high density of trees.
  • World’s total land area is 13,076 million hectares – (Source: FAO; 1989)
  • Of which total forests account for about 31% of the world’s land area.
  • In India, the forest cover is roughly 19% of the total land area.
  • The forest ecosystems are of great concern from the environmental point of view.

It provides numerous environmental services like; 

  • Nutrient cycling, 
  • Maintaining biodiversity 
  • Providing wildlife habitat 
  • Affecting rainfall patterns 
  • Regulating stream flow 
  • Storing water 
  • Reducing flooding 
  • Preventing soil erosion 
  • Reclaiming degraded land & many more….

Apart from environmental values, forest ecosystems have some traditional values as well.

Examples are:

  • Fire Wood & Timber. 
  • Fruits. 
  • Gums. 
  • Herbs & drugs.

2.3.2 Structure and Function of Forest Ecosystem

I. Biotic components

The various biotic components, representatives from the three functional groups, of a forest ecosystem are:

1) Producer Organisms

  • In a forest, the producers are mainly trees.
  • Trees are of different kinds depending upon the type of forest developed in that climate.
  • Apart from trees, climbers, epiphytes, shrubs and ground vegetation.
  • Dominant species of trees in major types of forest ecosystems are:
    1. Tectona grandis, Acer, Betula, Picea, Pine, Cedrus.

2) Consumers

In a forest, consumers are of three main types;

a) Primary Consumers

These are Herbivores which feed directly on producers. Eg:

  • Ants, Beetles, Bugs, spiders etc. feeding on tree leaves.
  • Larger animals such as Elephants, Deer, giraffe etc. grazing on shoots and/or fruits of trees.

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