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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) GE6757 TQM 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 6th SEM GE6757 Total Quality Management Short answers, Question Bank are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

1.Who are internal and external customers?
The customers inside the company are called internal customers, whereas the customers outside the company a called external customers.
2. What are the customer’s perceptions on quality?
The six important customer’s perceptions are: (i) Performance (ii) Features (iii) Service (iv) Warranty (v) Price and (vi) Reputation.
3. List the various tools used for collecting customer complaints.
The various tools used are:
1. Comment card. 2.Customer questionnaire
3. Focus groups 4. Toll-free telephone numbers
5. Report cards 6. The Internet and computer etc.
4. What is meant by customer retention?
Customer retention is the process of retaining the existing customers.
5. What is motivation?
Motivation means a process of stimulation people to accomplish desired goals.
6.What are the Maslow’s basic needs?
Maslow’s basic needs are:
1.Physilogical 2.Safety 3.Society
4.Esteem and 5.Self-actualization needs.
7. What are physiological needs?
Physiological needs are the biological needs required to preserve human life. These needs include needs for food, clothing and shelter
8.List the Herzberg’s motivators and dissatisfies.
Motivator factors Dissatisfier or hygiene factors
_ Achievement _ Recognition _ The work itself
_ Responsibility _ Advancement and growth.
_ Supervisors _ Working conditions
_ Interpersonal relationships _ Pay and security
_ Company policy and Administration
9. Define empowerment. (Au Nov 05)
Empowerment is an environment in which people have the ability, the confidence, and the commitment to take the responsibility and ownership to improve the process and initiate the necessary steps to satisfy customers requirements within well defined boundaries in order to achieve organizational values and goals.
10. What are the conditions necessary for empowerment?
The conditions required are:
1. Everyone must understand the need for change.
2. The system needs to change to the new paradigm.
3. The organization must provide information, education and still to its employees.
11. Define team and teamwork.
_ A team can be defined as a group of people working together to achieve common objectives or goals.
_ Teamwork is the cumulative actions of the team during which each member of the team subordinates his individual interests and opinions to fulfill the objectives or goals of the group.
12. List the different types of teams.
The different types of teams are
1.Process improvement team 2.Cross-functional team
3.Natural work team and 4.Self-directed work team.

13.Name different members in a team.
The different members in a team are
1.Team leader 2.Facilitator
3.Recorder 4.Timekeeper and 5.Member
14.What is needed for a leader to be effective?
To be effective, a leader needs to know and understand the following: –
_People, paradoxically, need security and independence at the same time.
-People are sensitive to external rewards and punishments and yet are also strongly self-motivated.
-People like to hear a kind word of praise.
-_People can process only a few facts at a time; thus, a leader needs to keep things simple.
-People trust their gut reaction more than statistical data.
-_People distrust a leader’s rhetoric if the words are inconsistent with the leader’s actions.
15. What is the important role of senior management?
-Listening to internal and external customers and suppliers through visits, focus groups and surveys.
-To drive fear out of the organization, break down barriers, remove system roadblocks, anticipate and minimize resistance to change and in general, change the culture.
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