GE8291 ESE Question Papers, Environmental Science and Engineering Previous Year Question Papers – CSE 2nd SEM


GE8291 ESE Question Papers

Anna University Regulation 2017 CSE GE8291 ESE Question Papers for previous years are provided below. Previous Year Question Papers for CSE 2nd SEM GE8291 Environmental Science and Engineering, Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Anna University Regulation 2017 (CSE) 2nd SEM GE8291 ESE – Environmental Science and Engineering question paper

What do you mean natural resources? Give ex?

What are the energy needs produced for india?

Define hiodiyersity

List out the characteristic features of food webs?

Define pollution?

Give some reasons behind global warming?

What is global warming potential?

List out any four environmental protection acts?

How the public awareness on social issues and the environment are implemented?

What is zero discharge?

What are different types of ecosystem and explain its function  and structures?

Discuss the value of biodiversity?

Explain the role of biodiversity in india?

Discuss in detail about the water resouces?

What are the problems of modern agriculture fertilizer and pesticide?

GE8291 ESE Question Paper1– Download Here

GE8291 ESE Question Paper2– Download Here

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GE8291 ESE Question Paper5– Download Here

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