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Anna University Regulation 2013 Information Technology (IT) HS6251 ENG 2 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for IT 2nd SEM HS6251 Technical English 2 Short answers, Question Bank are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Department of English

Technical English II

Unit II Question Bank

Marks 25                                                                                                                                                                                                              Time: 50 min

Part A

a. Note how modals are used in the following sentences to express habit, advice, ability, permission, obligation, possibility. Say which sentence illustrates which use:
i) He can read about a hundred pages in an hour‟s time if the material is familiar.
ii) Students should not make noise in the auditorium as it distracts the performers.
iii) You will have to make the payment by tomorrow
iv) May I leave the class early today as I have to catch my train?
v) The University might declare Friday a holiday because of the local festival.
vi) When we lived in Delhi we would often eat in the restaurant.
b. Correct the following sentences:
i) Manisha must have at least seven hours sleep a night
ii) Must you go home soon?
iii) You haven’t got much time. You should hurry.
iv) We can as well go to the party. We have nothing else to do.
v) Shall I use your phone?
vi) Do you like to come to the cinema with us this evening?
vii) As A child I went to school on foot.
viii) We eat so that we live.
ix) He will be pulled for his lashes.
x) Shall you like another glass of milk?
xi) Every one of us ought go to the Book Fair.
xii) He shall be happy, considering how successful he is.
xiii) Should I read your newspaper?
xiv) We can write a letter to the Principal.
xv) You will come if you wish.
xvi) I use to live in Punjab.
c. Make purpose statements for the following:
i) A compass
ii) Dictionary
iii) A hammer
iv) Litmus paper
v) i-pod
vi) laptop
vii) Carbon paper
viii) Vaccum cleaner
ix) induction stove
x) Assembler
d. Choose the correct alternative:
i) One of his books has been acclaimed internationally,_________(so that,as a result, so as to) he thinks he is a good writer.
ii) Your assignment is powerful,_______(however, though, so) I beg to differ.
iii) _______(even so, even though) I know that I would fail, I took the test.
iv) He has worked in this college for 5 years________(even though, nevertheless) the Principal does not give him the recognition he deserves.
v) I first listened to his speech in 1963,________(after, after that), I did not miss any of his speeches.
vi) We have worked together in the same college for years,______(yet, however) we hardly exchanged a word.
vii) We were all enjoying the concert______(mean while,while) Shyam sat gloomily looking at the ceiling.
viii) They first had coffee at a restaurant and_______(afterwards, since) they went sight seeing.
ix) _________(however, yet) hard he tried, he couldn‟t clear the paper of Management Information system.
x) _________(mean while, while) I was waiting for the city bus. My eyes fell on a very poor boy sitting on the pavement and begging.
e. Complete the following sentences with suitable phrasal verbs given in bracket
i) Mom_______ the kids ——— for hockey practice , but dad picks them up and drives them home. ( drop off, drop in)
ii) He —– college after the first semester since he wanted to get some work experience first. ( drop out of , drop out in)
iii) I have just ——- that we have a test tomorrow.( Find out, find with)
iv) Word ——– that you are going to quit . Is it true? ( go around , go along)
v) Many people died when the Titanic —— ( go down , go by)

Part B

I Attempt any one of the following :
Accept an Invitation to Speak or Perform
Extend a Formal Invitation
Congratulations Letter to a Friend on his New Job
Congratulations letter on success in the Examination
Decline an Invitation to an Event
II Write a review of articles or books that you have read through
HS6251 ENG 2 All Units 2marks & 16marks – Download Here
HS6251 ENG 2 All Units 2marks & 16marks – Download Here
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