IC6501 CS Important Questions, Control Systems Answer Key – EEE 5th SEM Anna University


IC6501 CS Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 EEE IC6501 CS Important Questions with Answer Key for all 5 units with Download link for EEE 5th SEM IC6501 Control Systems Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



1. What is control system?
2. What are the two major types of control system?
3. What are the components of feedback control system?
4. Define transfer function.
5. What are the basic elements used for modeling mechanical translational system?
6. What are the basic elements used for modeling mechanical rotational system?
7. Name two types of electrical analogous for mechanical system.
8. What is block diagram?
9. What is the basis for framing the rules of block diagram reduction technique?
10. What is a signal flow graph?
11. What is transmittance?
12. What is sink and source?
13. Define non-touching loop.
14. Write Masons Gain formula.
15. Write the analogous electrical elements in force voltage analogy for the elements of mechanical translational system.

16. Write the force balance equation of M ideal mass element.
17. Distinguish between open loop and closed loop system.
18. What is servomechanism?
19. Why is negative feedback invariably preferred in closed loop system?
20. What is synchro?


1. (i) Derive the transfer function for Armature controlled DC motor. (8)
(ii)Derive the transfer function for Field controlled DC motor. (8)

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