IT6702 DWM Important Questions, Data warehousing and Data Mining Answer Key – CSE 6th SEM Anna University


IT6702 DWM Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) IT6702 DWM Important Questions for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for CSE 6th SEM IT6702  Data warehousing and Data Mining Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Year & Semester : III & VI 

Subject Code : IT6702

Subject Name : Data warehousing and Data Mining

Degree & Branch : B.E & CSE



1. Describe sourcing, Acquisition and transformation tools? Remember BTL-1

2. Differentiate metadata and data mart Understand BTL-2

3. How would you classify the access tools? Analyze BTL-4

4. How would you evaluate the goals of data mining? Evaluate BTL-5

5. Can you list the principles of data warehousing Remember BTL-1

6. What elements would you use to relate the design of data warehouse? Apply BTL-3

7. Define Metadata? Remember BTL-1

8. Define Data partitioning? Remember BTL-1

9. Select the logical steps needed to build a data warehouse Evaluate BTL-5

10. Define parallel RDBMS features? Remember BTL-1

11. Describe the alternate technologies used to improve the performance in data warehouse environment? Understand BTL-2

12. Distinguish STARjoin and STARindex Understand BTL-2

13. How would you show your understanding in Multidimensional data model? Apply BTL-3

14. Formulate What conclusion can you draw in Bitmapped index Create BTL-6

15. Explain Vendor solutions? Analyze BTL-4

16. Explain the features of Metadata repository in data warehousing? Analyze BTL-4

17. Define Metadata repository? Remember BTL-1

18. Discuss the main ideas in Prims solution Understand BTL-2

19. How would you apply what you learned in Data warehousing? Apply BTL-3

20. How would you compare and substitute the ideas of potential performance problem with star schema? Create BTL-6


1 i) Describe in detail about access tools types? ii) Describe the overall architecture of data warehouse? Understand BTL-2

2 i)Demonstrate in detail about Data marts ii)Demonstrate data warehouse administration and management Apply BTL-3

3 Explain the functional blocks needed to build a data warehouse? Analyze BTL-4

4 Describe in detail about Mapping the Data warehouse to a multiprocessor architecture? Remember BTL-1

5 Analyze the information needed to support DBMS schemas for Decision support Analyze BTL-4

6 Develop in detail about Vendor solutions? Create BTL-6

7 i)Discuss in detail about Vendor approaches ii) Discuss in detail about access to legacy data Understand BTL-2

8 i) Describe in detail about data extraction? ii) Describe in detail about transformation tools? Remember BTL-1

9 How would you explain Metadata implementation with examples? Evaluate BTL-5

10 Describe in detail about i) Bitmapped indexing ii)STARjoin and index Remember BTL-1

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