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Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) IT6801 SOA Notes for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for CSE 7th SEM IT6801 Service Oriented Architecture Lecture Handwritten Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Unit III

Roots of SOA – Characteristics of SOA – Comparing SOA to client-server and distributed internet architectures – Anatomy of SOA- How components in an SOA interrelate – Principles of service orientation

The roots of SOA (comparing SOA to past architectures)

• IT departments started to recognize the need for a standardized definition of a baseline application that could act as a template for all others.

• This definition was abstract in nature, but specifically explained the technology, boundaries, rules, limitations, and design characteristics that apply to all solutions based on this template.

• This was the birth of the application architecture.

Type of architecture

* Application architecture

* Enterprise architecture

* Service-oriented architecture

Application architecture

• Application architecture is to an application development team what a blueprint is to a team of construction workers.

• Different organizations document different levels of application architecture. Some keep it high-level, providing abstract physical and logical representations of the technical blueprint.

• Others include more detail, such as common data models, communication flow diagrams, application-wide security requirements, and aspects of infrastructure.

• It is not uncommon for an organization to have several application architectures. A single architecture document represents a distinct solution environment. For example, an organization that houses both .NET and J2EE solutions would very likely have separate application architecture specifications for each.

Enterprise architecture

• common for a master specification to be created, providing a high-level overview of all forms of heterogeneity that exist within an enterprise,

• enterprise architectures contain a long-term vision of how the organization plans to evolve its technology and environments. For example, the goal of phasing out an outdated technology platform established in this specification.

• Finally, this document define the technology and policies behind enterprise-wide security measures. However, these often are isolated into a separate security architecture specification.

Service-oriented architecture

• service-oriented architecture spans both enterprise and application architecture domains.

• The benefit potential offered by SOA can be realized when applied across multiple solution environments.

This is where the investment in building reusable and interoperable services based on a vendorneutral communications platform.

The following are the Characteristics of SOA:

Contemporary SOA is at the core of the service-oriented computing platform

SOA is used to qualify products, designs, and technologies an application computing platform consisting of Web services technology and service-orientation principles.

Contemporary SOA represents an architecture that promotes service-orientation through the use of Web services.

Contemporary SOA increases quality of service

• The ability for tasks to be carried out in a secure manner, protecting the contents of a message, as well as access to individual services.

• Allowing tasks to be carried out reliably so that message delivery or notification of failed delivery can be guaranteed.

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