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Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) IT6801 SOA old Question Papers for previous years are provided below. Download link for CSE 7th SEM IT6801 Service Oriented Architecture Previous Year Question Papers are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.



Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks

Answer ALL questions.

PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 marks)

1. Define SOA
2. How do components in the SOA inter-relate
3. What are wrapper services?
4. List the goals of service oriented analysis.
5. What is the use of envelope element in SOAP message structures?
6. Compare abstract and concrete description.
7. What is message processing logic
8. How are switch, case and otherwise elements used in BPEL?
9. What are policy element and common policy assertions?
10. What are dynamic proxy and dynamic invocation interface?

PART B — (5 × 16 = 80 marks)
11. (a) Explain the common principles of service orientation in detail.
(Or) (b) Compare SOA to client server and distributed architecture.
12. (a) Discuss about three service layers in detail. (Or)
(b) (i) Explain the importance of messaging with SOAP and message exchange patterns in web services. (10) (ii) Write an note on atomic transactions (6)
13. (a) Discuss the step by step process of service modelling in detail  (Or) (b) Explain entity centric and Task centric business service design in detail.
14. (a) Explain SOA platform and describe the API’s in J2EE which is used to build SOA? (Or) (b) How service oriented architecture achieved in .NET platform? Discuss
15. (a) Describe root element and series of common child element of BPEL process definition.
(Or) (b) Discuss WS-Security Language in detail.
 IT6801 SOA Question Paper1– Download Here
IT6801 SOA Question Paper2– Download Here
IT6801 SOA Question Paper3– Download Here
IT6801 SOA Question Paper4– Download Here
IT6801 SOA Question Paper5– Download Here
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