Pursuing Masters at RMIT, Australia


Education experience while pursuing Masters at RMIT, Australia


Balaji Veera who completed his Graduation in Electronics and Communications Engineering from SVCE, Chennai is now  pursuing his Masters in Telecommunication and Networking at RMIT, Australia.
He was approached by StudentsFocus Team, as we felt there is quite a lot of gap between information and aspirants of abroad education. With the faith that the information will give you a simple yet powerful insight, here we are to share his experience.RMIT Campus


Admission process and examinations:

The Admission process is very simple and easy not only at RMIT but I reckon its the same in most of the Australian universities. You first send your documents to express your interest in the field of education and the purpose of studying abroad. Most probably everyone gets a decent university. University ranking varies with respect to the course. Having less history of arrears will be an added advantage to your profile if you want to get into good university.
Assessment is based on assignments and examinations. Still it’s not the same for every course. Assessment method various for every course. It’s easy to get good marks in all the subjects if you can attend the classes regularly.

Course and experience:

I am doing Master’s in telecommunication and network engineering, its one of the good courses in the university with lots of facilities available. You can develop your practical knowledge and get hand’s on experience. The syllabus is latest and up-to-date. Nationally recognized professor’s and tutor’s help you develop your knowledge in the field.

Lifestyle changes:

You will experience a lot of changes in this country and especially in Melbourne with people show respect, helping each other. Most importantly they follow rules. You can learn and experience a new culture.

How are the future prospects in Job/ Higher studies/ Research:

You will have a plenty of job or research options but again it depends on the effort you put in the studies and the field your studies is related to. For telecommunication and networking, there are a plenty of jobs that are available any time in NSW (New South Wales) and Victoria and it’s also a best suitable subject for research purpose.

Advice from Balaji Veera:

—My advice is consider applying for PR before applying for your studies. There is every possibility of getting PR for everyone. That makes your studies easy with most of your tuition fee being waived off and you will have plenty of job opportunities once you finish your course as well.
Article written by:

Balaji Veera
Pursuing Masters in Telecommunication and Networking (II Year)
RMIT, Melbourne, Australia


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