ME6012 ME Important Questions, Maintenance Engineering Answer Key – MECH 7th SEM


ME6012 ME Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2013 MECH ME6012 ME Important Questions with Answer Key for all 5 units and MECH 7th SEM ME6012 Maintenance Engineering Answer Key are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Unit-II -Maintenance Policies – Preventive Maintenance

Part-A (2 Marks)

1. What are the types of maintenance?

2. Differentiate brake down and preventive maintenance.

3. Give the merits of condition based maintenance.

4. What is meant by Give routine maintenance

5. List the purpose of lubrication

6. What is meant by maintenance schedule

7. Explain repair cycle

8. What is TPM? Give the benefits

9. Give the eight pillars of TPM

10. What is meant by risk based maintenance

11. Define the term Preventive Maintenance?

12. Classify various planned maintenance approach.

13. List the objectives of corrective maintenance?

14. What is meant by reliability centered maintenance (RCM)?

15. What is total productive maintenance and discuss its similarities with TQM?

16. list the benefits of implementing preventive maintenance

17. Define corrective maintenance approach.

18. What does safety, health and environment pillar of TPM aims at?

19. What is limitation of breakdown maintenance?

20. List the various pillars of TPM?

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