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Anna University Regulation 2013 MECH ME6702 MECHATRONICS Notes for all 5 units and MECH 7th SEM ME6702 Mechatronics Lecture Handwritten Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


An Overview of Microprocessor

       The first question comes in a mind “What is a microprocessor?”. Let us start with a more familiar term computer. A digital computer is an electronic machine capable of quickly performing a wide variety of tasks. They can be used to compile, correlate, sort, merge and store data as well as perform calculations.

        A digital computer is different from a general purpose calculator in that it is capable of operating according to the instructions that are stored within the computer whereas a calculator must be given instructions on a step by step basis. By the definition a programmable calculator is a computer.

         Historically, digital computers have been categorized according to the size using the words large, medium, minicomputer and microcomputer. In the early years of development, the emphasis was on large and more powerful computers. Large and medium sized computers were designed to store complex scientific and engineering problems. These computers were accessible and affordable only to large corporations, big universities and government agencies. In the 1960s’ computers were accessible & affordable only to large corporations, big universities & government agencies, In late 1960s, minicomputers were available for use in a office, small collage, medium size business organization, small factory etc.

        As the technology has advanced from SSI to VLSI & SLSI (very large scale integration & super large scale integration) the face of the computer has changed. It has now become possible to build the control processing unit (CPU) with its related timing functions on a single chip known as microprocessor. A microprocessor combined with memory and input/output devices forms a microcomputer. As for as the computing power is concerned the 32- bit microcomputers are as powerful as traditional mainframe computers.

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