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Anna University Regulation 2017 MECH ME8351 MT-I Notes, MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY – I Lecture Handwritten Notes for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for MECH 3rd Sem MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY – I Notes are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

To introduce the concepts of basic manufacturing processes and fabrication techniques,
such as metal casting, metal joining, metal forming and manufacture of plastic components.

Sand Casting : Sand Mould – Type of patterns – Pattern Materials – Pattern allowances –Moulding sand Properties and testing – Cores –Types and applications – Moulding machines– Types and applications; Melting furnaces : Blast and Cupola Furnaces; Principle of special casting processes : Shell – investment – Ceramic mould – Pressure die casting – Centrifugal Casting – CO2 process – Stir casting; Defects in Sand casting

Operating principle, basic equipment, merits and applications of: Fusion welding processes: Gas welding – Types – Flame characteristics; Manual metal arc welding – Gas Tungsten arc welding- Gas metal arc welding – Submerged arc welding – Electro slag welding; Operating principle and applications of: Resistance welding – Plasma arc welding – Thermit welding – Electron beam welding – Friction welding and Friction Stir Welding; Brazing and soldering; Weld defects: types, causes and cure.

Hot working and cold working of metals – Forging processes – Open, impression and closed die forging – forging operations. Rolling of metals– Types of Rolling – Flat strip rolling – shape rolling operations – Defects in rolled parts. Principle of rod and wire drawing – Tube drawing – Principles of Extrusion – Types – Hot and Cold extrusion.

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