ME8594 DM Important Questions, DYNAMICS OF MACHINES Answer Key –MECH 5th Sem            


ME8594 DM Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 MECH ME8594 DM Important Questions with Answer Key and MECH 5th Sem ME8594 DYNAMICS OF MACHINES Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


PART-A (2 marks)
1. What is free body diagram?
2. Define static force analysis.
3. Differentiate between static and dynamic equilibrium.
4. Define applied and constraint forces.
5. Differentiate between static force analysis and dynamic force analysis.
6. Define inertia force.
7. Define inertia torque.
8. State D’Alembert’s principle.
9. State the principle of superposition.
10. Define piston effort.
11. Define crank effort and crank-pin effort.
12. What is meant by turning moment diagram or crank effort diagram?
13. Explain the term maximum fluctuation of energy in fly wheel.
14. Define coefficient of fluctuation of energy.
15. Define coefficient of fluctuation of speed.

1. For reciprocating engine, derive the expression for
(i)Velocity and acceleration of the piston
(ii)Angular velocity and angular acceleration of the connecting rod
2. In a reciprocating engine mechanism, if the crank and connecting rod are 300mm and 1m long respectively and the crank rotates at a constant speed of 200r .p.m. Determine analytically,
1. The crank angle at which the maximum velocity occurs and
2. Maximum velocity of piston.
3. Derive the relevant equations.
3. (i)Deduce the expression for the inertia force in the reciprocating force neglecting the weight of the connecting rod.
(ii)A vertical petrol engine with cylinder of 150 mm diameter and 200 mm strokes has a connecting rod of 350mm long. The mass is 1.6kg and the engine speed is 1800 rpm. On the expansion stroke with crank angle 30° from TDC, the gas pressure is 750 KPa. Determine the net thrust on the piston.
4. (i)Define coefficient of fluctuation of speed and coefficient of fluctuation of energy.
(ii)The radius of gyration of a fly wheel is 1meter and fluctuation of speed is not to exceed 1% of the mean speed of the flywheel. If the mass of the flywheel is 3340kg and the steam develops 150 KW at 135 rpm, then find,
1.Maximum fluctuation of energy 2. Coefficient of fluctuation of energy
5. The length of crank and connecting rod of a horizontal reciprocating engine are 100 mm and 500 mm respectively. The crank is rotating at 400rpm.When the crank has turned 30° from the IDC, find analytically
1.Velocity of piston
2. Acceleration of piston
3. Angular velocity of connecting rod
4. Angular acceleration of connecting rod.

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