ME8692 FEA Important Questions, FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS Answer Key –MECH 6th Sem          


ME8692 FEA Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 MECH ME8692 FEA Important Questions with Answer Key and MECH 6th Sem ME8692 FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.Illustrate the methods generally associated with the finite element analysis.
2.Write the stiffness matrix for a one dimensional 2 noded linear element.
3.Point out any four advantages of finite element method
4.Why polynomial type interpolation functions are mostly used in FEM.
5.State the advantages of Rayleigh Ritz method.
6.Compare the Ritz technique with the nodal approximation method.
7.How to develop the equilibrium equation for a finite element?
8.What do you mean by constitutive law?
9.List the various method of solving boundary value problems.
10.Formulate the boundary conditions of a cantilever beam AB of span L fixed at A and free at B subjected to a uniformly distributed load of P throughout the span

11.Differentiate between primary and secondary variables with suitable examples.
12.How will you identify types of Eigen Value Problems?
13.Explain weak formulation of FEA
14.Distinguish between Error and Residual
15.Discuss Ritz method.
16.How will you develop total potential energy of a structural system?
17.Explain the principle of minimum potential energy.
18.Differentiate between initial value problem and boundary value problem.
19.List out the advantages of finite element method over other numerical analysis method.
20.List the various weighted residual methods

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