ME8693 HMT Important Questions, HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Answer Key –MECH 6th Sem      


ME8693 HMT Important Questions

Anna University Regulation 2017 MECH ME8693 HMT Important Questions with Answer Key and MECH 6th Sem ME8693 HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER Engineering Answer Key is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


1.Define heat transfer and write the different types.
2.What are the factors affecting thermal conductivity of material?
3.A plane wall 20 cm thick generate heat at the rate of 4 x 104 W/m3 when an electric current is passed through it. The convective heat transfer co efficient between each face of the wall and ambient air is 60 W/m2K. Determine the surface temperature. Assume the air temperature to be 20°C and k for wall is 15 W/mK.
4.What is meant by lumped heat capacity analysis? When is it used?
5.Define the term thermal conductivity. Also list the behavior of metal, liquid and gases thermal conductivity for increase in temperature.
6.Define efficiency and fin effectiveness.
7.Write any two examples of heat conduction with heat generation.
8.Define critical thickness of insulation with its significance.
9.Point out Fourier’s Law of heat conduction.
10.What is meant by transient heat conduction? Also give any two example.

11.Define thermal diffusivity. Explain its importance in heat conduction problems.
12.What are Biot and Fourier numbers? Explain their physical significance.
13.What are boundary and initial conditions?
14.Differentiate between steady and transient heat conduction.
15.What is Newtonian heating or cooling process?
16.Difference between conductivity and conductance. What are their units?
17.What is meant by thermal resistance?
18.Write a note on electrical analogy for conduction problems.
19.What are Heisler Charts?

20.Explain semi-infinite body and Define the error function in transient state.

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