ME8791 MR Question Papers, Mechatronics Previous Year Question Papers – MECH 7th Sem


ME8791 MR Question Papers

Anna University Regulation 2017 MECH ME8791 MR Question Papers for previous years are provided below. Previous Year Question Papers for MECH 7th Sem ME8791 Mechatronics, Engineering are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

Anna University Regulation 2017 (MECH) 7th Sem ME8791 MR- Mechatronics question paper

1.Define the term ‘Mechatronics System’.
2.Point out the term ‘Resolution’.
3.Illustrate about the Mechatronics approach in a microprocessor-controlled washing machine.
4.Explain about closed loop system.
5.Identify the functions of signal conditioner.
6.Illustrate about the block diagram of measurement system.
7.Summarize the applications of Mechatronics.
8.Define settling time.
9.Generalize about impedance of an element.
10.Explain the function of comparison element

11.Describe the uses of bi-metallic strip.
12.Invent the applications of eddy current.
13.Examine the principle of photo conductivity.
14.What is threshold?
15.Select any two applications of hall effect sensor.
16.Discuss the principle of RTD.
17.Summarize the types of potentiometer.
18.Discover any two applications of hall effect sensor.
19.Point out the types of photo sensors.
20.Formulate the function of intelligent Mechatronics systems

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