MyShake – Earthquake detector


MyShake – Earthquake detector


MyShake app detects and warns the user about the onset of an earthquake.
Imagining smart phones as an earthquake detector has been trending for quite a while. This app is impressive.
Functions of the app:
This app detects the vibration and through neural and artificial intelligence. It identifies the difference between the vibration caused by a human being and a seismic change.
We checked the functions of this app by making minor shakes and saw the differences while walking and running.

My shake app

My shake app snapshot while walking

Developed by:
The app is developed by the Innovation Tam at Silicon valley and the seismological department at Berkeley supports the idea and development.
MyShake becomes more and more reliable as the number of users increase. It consumes quite a lot of data running in the background by sending anonymous reports on the movements  and vibrations. This analysis further improves the usability of the app.
For iOS users this app is available as MyQuake.
Few impressive elements:
This app is educative and it instructs the users on the procedure to find hideouts when there is a quake or tremor.
The instructions are very clear and it tries to eliminate the panic and incorporates logical thinking.



App size: 18.25 Mb available at Play Store for Android users.


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