NounShoun is an app that breaks the sentence to identify different parts of grammar/speech.
The team claims that  it is ” Built using Artificial Intelligence,helps anyone learning the English language to identify the Parts of Speech (Noun, Verb, Adjective etc) in a sentence“.
Many teachers and students who love the language or who learn the English language, will find it extremely useful to get clarified on the fundamentals of speech.


As a Verbal ability trainer, I have been using it regularly in my sessions to make the English language a Learner’s friend.
Highlights of NOUNSHOUN:

  1. App is very user friendly
  2. Doesn’t occupy lot of storage space
  3. Crystal clear interpretation

Students are able to prepare essays and speeches with lesser number of errors and it does a perfect quality check of every sentence. Being insightful about the words we use, makes a speech or a script much better.
NounShoun has developed this app based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning.
NounShoun is founded by – Abhishek Mishra and co-founded by Sweta Anand and Abha Pandey.

We from StudentsFocus wish that the readers are benefited by this app!
Also, StudentsFocus team would like to thank NounShoun team for this wonderful idea which has come into implementation 🙂


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