Paleobiologist – a growing and new discipline to dig old facts


A study on fossils- How does that sound?
Wikipedia says that, Paleobiology (sometimes spelled palaeobiology) is a growing and comparatively new discipline which combines the methods and findings of the natural science biology with the methods and findings of the earth science paleontology.
Lol.. That is quite long right?  I was interested to explore about this study after I saw an attractive title on Dinosaurs marrying and dancing, that too ages before.
On my research to understand how they explore, this career option seemed interesting.
Now, to have a better understanding I am going to simplify this.



Paleobiologists at work!

Basic terminologies:

  1. Fossils– They are remains of the dead
  2. Crust of Earth – The deepest surface of the Earth
  3. History – Study of the ancient period

Paleontology as a study helps us understand the ancient remains- Fossils (animals and other living organisms)and it is different from archaeology as this deals only with human beings- the study of human artifacts and remains.
History and archaeology has remained a fascination for many. Pursuing a career and being remarkable is possible, yet, the apprehensions in this field is high in our society due to the nature of work.
Passion is the answer to such dreams. If it is still on your mind, it worth to take the risk.
Definitely Paleontology is not a risk! 🙂
Few links that will tell the application of this study:
This will be an interesting career option if you are interested in digging old facts! 🙂
Courtesy: The Hindu and NGC


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