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Elasticity is a branch of Physics which deals with the elastic property of materials. When an external force is applied to a body, there will be some change in its length ,shape and volume. When this external force is removed, and if the body regains its original shape and size, then the body is said to be a Perfectly Elastic body . If the body does not regain its original shape or size after removal of the applied force, then it is said to be Perfectly Plastic body.


A body is said to be rigid body, if the distance between any two points in a body is unaltered due to application of the force. In practice no body is perfectly rigid. When a body is subjected to some external forces the body will offer some resistance to the deforming forces, as a result some work is done on the body and this work is stored as the elastic potential energy. Now if the deforming forces re-removed the energy stored brings back the body to its original condition.


Stress are classified into three types namely,

Tensile (or) Longitudinal
Tangential or Shearing Hydrostatic
Hydrostatic stress.

i. Tensile or Longitudinal Stress

When the force is applied parallel to the surface of the body, then the stress is called as longitudinal stress or tensile stress.

ii.Tangential or Shearing stress When the force is applied along the surface of the body, then the corresponding stress exerted is called as tangential stress or shearing stress.

iii. Hydrostatic Stress When a body is subjected to a uniform force from all sides, then the corresponding stress is called hydrostatic stress.


Strain is defined as the change in dimension (fractional deformation)produced by the external force of the body. In other way it can also be defined as the ration of the change in dimension to the original dimension. It is a dimensionless quantity as it is a ratio between two quantities of same dimension.

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