Preparing content for Public speaking


Content preparation for Public speaking

While we prepare content for a speech, it works on certain principles of prioritization.
We can frame the concept based on one or two points. That will act as the core element of the speech and the support system has to be built to convey our message.
This is quite similar to mind mapping. We begin with a central point and navigate to complete the message.
Capyure the Audience with right content
How to identify the central idea of the speech?
We know, the topic is defined/ given. But the elements that comprise the topic and the proposition that contributes to the content can be discussed with below strategy

  1. Central idea of the topic is built on the intention of the speaker.
  2. This intention is supported by certain dependant factors


Example: Intention of the speaker is to remove exam fear amongst anxious students
Supporting factors of the fear can be mentioned as below:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Adolescent issues

Now the Dependant and Independent factors are identified and that is the framework of the speech.

How to select the most accurate dependent factors?

This is designed based on target audience and the context.

      (CORE IDEA)                                    (SUPPORTING SYSTEM)                     (FLOW OF SPEECH)
Please so try these techniques and discuss in comments!


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