RAE502 DAE Syllabus, Design of Aircraft Elements Syllabus


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AKTU Aeronautical Engineering(AE) RAE502 DAE Syllabus for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for AE 5th SEM RAE502 Design of Aircraft Elements Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Aeronautical Engineering(AE) 5th SEM RAE502 DAE – Design of Aircraft Elements Syllabus


Introduction: Definition, Design requirements of machine elements, Design procedure,
Standards in design, Selection of preferred sizes, Indian Standards designation of carbon & alloy
steels, Selection of materials for static and fatigue loads.
Design for Static and Fluctuating Loads: Modes of failure, Factor of safety, Principal stresses,
Stresses due to bending and torsion, Theory of failure. Cyclic stresses, Fatigue and endurance
limit, Stress concentration factor,Stress concentration factor for various machine parts, Notch
sensitivity, Design for finite and infinite life, Soderberg & Goodman & Gerber criteria.

Riveted Joints: Riveting methods, materials, Types of rivet heads, Types of riveted joints,
Caulking and Fullering, Failure of riveted joint, Efficiency of riveted joint, Design of boiler
joints, Eccentric loaded riveted joint.
Keys and Shafts: Cause of failure in shafts, Materials for shaft, Stresses in shafts, Design of
shafts subjected to twisting moment, bending moment and combined twisting and bending
moments, Shafts subjected to fatigue loads, Design for rigidity.Types of keys, splines, Selection
of square & flat keys, Strength of sunk key.

Spur Gear:Principle of transmission and conjugate action.Tooth forms, System of gear teeth,
contact ratio, Standard proportions of gear systems, Interference in involute gears, Backlash,
Selection of gear materials, Gear manufacturing methods, Design considerations, Beam strength
of gear tooth, Dynamic tooth load, Wear strength of gear tooth, Failure of gear tooth, Design of
spur gears, AGMA and Indian standards.
Helical Gears: Terminology, Proportions for helical gears, Forces components on a tooth of
helical gear, Virtual number of teeth, Beam strength& wear strength of helical gears, Dynamic
load on helical gears, Design of helical gears.

Bevel and Worm Gears: Terminology of bevel gears, Force analysis, Virtual number of teeth,
Beam strength and wear strength of bevel gears, Effective load of gear tooth, Design of a bevel
gear system.Types of worms, Terminology, Gear tooth proportions, Efficiency of worm gears,
Heat dissipation in worm gearing, Strength and wear tooth load for worm gears, Design of worm
gearing system.

Sliding Contact Bearing: Types, Selection of bearing, Plain journal bearing, Hydrodynamic
lubrication, Properties and materials, Lubricants and lubrication, Hydrodynamic journal bearing,
Heat generation, Design of journal bearing, Thrust bearing-pivot and collar bearing,
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing.
Rolling Contact Bearing
Types of ball bearing, Thrust ball bearing, Types of roller bearing, Selection of radial ball
bearing, bearing life, Selection of roller bearings, Dynamic equivalent load for roller contact
bearing under constant and variable loading, Reliability of Bearing, Selection of rolling contact
bearing, Lubrication of ball and roller bearing. Advantages and disadvantages.
Note: Design data book is allowed in the examination.

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