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AKTU Aeronautical Engineering(AE) RAE601 AS Syllabus for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for AE 6th SEM RAE601 Aircraft Structure Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Aeronautical Engineering(AE) 6th SEM RAE601 AS Aircraft Structure Syllabus


Introduction to Aircraft Structure- Introduction to Composites. Definition and Introduction.
Reinforcement: Materials and Forms. Reinforcement: Materials, Matrix Materials.
Terminologies Applications. Fabrication Processes. Fabrication Processes. Concepts of Solid
Mechanics. Deformation of a body. All Stresses on the body. Basic elasticity or Hooke’s law,
stresses and strains, plane stress and plane strain problems.Aircraft components as fuselages,
wing ribs wing spar etc. fuselage frames and. Trusses analysis of structures. The loads acting on
the aircraft at different flying conditions, Guest loads Inertia forces. V-n diagram and salient
features of the V-n diagram.

Analysis of Fuselage or Structural idealization. Arrystress function. Fatigue loads, Fluctuating
stress and theories of failure.2-D and 3-D stress and strain relations. Principal stresses.
Constitutive Relations for Orthotropic Materials and Stress-Strain Transformations. Stiffness,
Compliance Transformation and Hygro-thermo-elastic Constitutive Relation. Plane Stress
Constitutive Equations. 2-Dimensional Lamina Analysis. Lamina Engineering Constants.
Laminate Theory.Equilibrium Equations. Constitutive Equations, 3D Constitutive Equations.
Constitutive Relations: Generally Anisotropy to Orthotropic. Constitutive Relations: Transverse
Isotropy and Isotropy.

Deflection of Beams-Types of beams. Various methods of slope-deflection for beams. Principle
of virtual work.Application to deflection problems on fixed and cantilever beams.Deflection of
open and close section beams. Shear force and bending moment distribution for semi-cantilever
and other types of (wings and fuselage,) beam.Pure bending and Torsion Equation and their
applications.Bending of thin plates, plate subjected to bending and twisting.Bending stresses in
beams of unsymmetrical sections-and symmetric sections with skew loads. Combined bending
and twisting on plate and beams.

Sear Flow in Open Sections-Thin walled beams, concept of shear flow. Shear center and center
of twistand its determination – shear flow distribution in symmetrical and unsymmetrical thin
walled sections.Shear flow variation in idealized sectionsTorsion of closed and open section
beams.Membrane analogy for circular and non-circular section.Prandtl stress function and
torsion equation.
Sear Flow inClosed Sections- Bredt-Batho theory – single-cell and multi-cell tubes subject to
torsion. Shearflow distribution in thin-walled single & multi-cell structures subject to combined
bending torsion with walls effective and ineffective in bending. Shear resistant web beams-
Torsion field web beams.

Bucking in Beam & Plates-Euler buckling of columns and beams inelastic stability of columns,
effect of initial imperfections, energy method for the calculation of buckling loads in columns
and thin plates. Flexural and tensional buckling in the thin walled columns.Buckling stress of
thin walled sections, crippling strength estimation.Buckling in stiffened rectangular sheets under
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