RAE602 AD-1 Syllabus, Aerodynamics-I Syllabus


                                                                               RAE602 AD-1 Syllabus

AKTU Aeronautical Engineering(AE) RAE602 AD-1 Syllabus for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for AE 6th SEM RAE602 Aerodynamics-I Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Aeronautical Engineering(AE) 6th SEM RAE602 AD-1 Aerodynamics-I Syllabus


Two Dimensional Ideal Fluid Flow: Continuity and momentum equations, Linear and angular
deformations, angular velocity, Circulation and vorticity. Irrotational flows. Stream and potential
functions. Varies flow as uniform flows, sources, sink, vortex flows and doublet flow. Kelvin
Theorem. Kutta-Joukow-ski theorem for lift. Aerodynamic forces. Types of Airfoils and their

Complex Potential: Its properties and applications to various flows such as vortex doublet,
corner flow, full and half body Rankin, stationery and rotating cylinder. General expressions for
lift and Drag on body According to Blasius Theorem. Types of Vortex, interaction and
superimpose of vortices. Induced velocity due to vortices interaction. Mapping of flow fields.
Determination of pressure and velocity distributions on airfoil. Joukow-ski transformation
theorem. Joukow-ski transformation of circles into Circular arcs, elliptical airfoil, Symmetrical
and cambered airfoils.

Thin Airfoil Theory (2-D Wing theory): Circulation and the generation of Lift and on thin
airfoil, Kutta condition on thin airfoil, thin airfoil theory, Lift and pitching moment coefficient of
flat and curved plates andairfoils. Effects flap on aerodynamic coefficients. Determination of
mean camber line, shapes for uniform and linear distribution of circulation. Bound vortex and
starting vortex, Downwash and induced drag. Helmholtz’s theorems. Aerodynamic center and
center of pressure.


3-D Wings Theory- Vortex system around wing, horse shoe vortex. Helmholtz’s theorems. Biot
Savart’s law, Induced velocity (Downwash) of infinite, semi-infinite and finite filaments.
Prandtl’s classical lifting line theory, fundamental equations, elliptic lift distribution, influence of
aspect ratio on lift and drag, drag polar and lift correlation to aspect ratio. Techniques for general
span wise distribution, calculation of lift and vortex induced drag, numerical problems based on
above. Panel methods: General description of the panel methods.

Viscous Flow Theory: Navier- Stroke’s equations, Exact solutions, Poiseulle flow and Cociette
flow. Velocity, tress and pressure distribution of their flows. Boundary layer theory. Blasius
solution of laminar flow. Laminar and turbulent boundary layers. Boundary layer separation and
control. Suction, blowing of Laminar flow Boundary layer thickness and momentum thickness of
laminar and turbulent. Safe factor, average skin friction coefficients and Drag force due to skin
friction coefficients.

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