RAG601 TAME Syllabus

AKTU Agricultural Engineering(AE) RAG601 TAME Syllabus for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for AE 6th SEM RAG601 TRACTOR & AUTO MOTIVE ENGINE Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Agricultural Engineering(AE) 6th SEM RAG601 TAME TRACTOR & AUTO MOTIVE ENGINE Syllabus

RAG-601 Tractor & Auto Motive Engine.
Study of sources of farm power –conventional & non-conventional energy sources.
Classification of tractors and IC engines. Review of thermodynamic principles of IC (CI &
SI) engines and deviation from ideal cycle. General energy equation and heat balance sheet.
Study of mechanical, thermal and volumetric efficiencies.
Study of engine components their construction, operating principles and functions. Study of
engine strokes and comparison of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine cycles and CI and SI engines.
Study of Engine Valve systems, valve mechanism, Valve timing diagram, and valve
clearance adjustment.
Study of Cam profile, valve lift and valve opening area. Study of importance of air cleaning
system. Study of types of air cleaners and performance characteristics of various air cleaners.
Study of fuel supply system. Study of fuels, properties of fuels, calculation of air-fuel ratio.
Study of tests on fuel for SI and CI engines.
Study of detonation and knocking in IC engines. Study of carburetion system, carburettors
and their main functional components. Study of fuel injection system – Injection pump, their
types, working principles. Fuel injector nozzles – their types and working principle. Engine
governing – need of governors, governor types and governor characteristics.
Study of lubrication system – need, types, functional components. Study of lubricants –
physical properties, additives and their application. Engine cooling system – need, cooling
methods and main functional components. Study of need and type of thermostat valves.
Additives in the coolant. Study of radiator efficiency. Study of ignition system of SI engines.
Study of electrical system including battery, starting motor, battery charging, cut-out, etc.
Comparison of dynamo and alternator. Familiarization with the basics of engine testing with
referance to BIS code.
Suggested Reading :-
1. Tractors and their Power Units,John B. Lijiedahal, Paul K. Turnquist :CBS Publication
2. Farm Tractor maintenance and repair, S.C.Jain; Standard Publishers Distributors.
3. Frazeee, Irving and Philip, V.E. Tractors and Crawlers.

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