RBT502 FB Syllabus, Fermentation Biotechnology Syllabus


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AKTU Biotechnology (BT) RBT502 FB Syllabus for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for BT 5th SEM RBT502 Fermentation Biotechnology Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Biotechnology (BT) 5th SEM RBT502 FB – Fermentation Biotechnology Syllabus

RBT-502: Fermentation Biotechnology

Unit I 
Introduction to fermentation technology: Interaction between Bio-chemical engineering,
Microbiology and Biochemistry. History and development of fermentation industry: Introduction
to submerged and solid state fermentation, Microbial culture selection for fermentation
processes. Primary and Secondary metabolites.
Unit II 
Raw material availability, quality, processes and pretreatment of raw materials. Major alcoholic
raw materials. Applications of the nonconventional raw materials (cellulosic material and
Unit III 
Different regulatory mechanisms involved in controlling the catabolic and anabolic processes of
microbes. Induction, nutritional repression, carbon catabolite repression, crabtree effect,
feedback inhibition and feedback repression.
Unit IV 
Creation/procedures for developing mutants of the desired microbes with the stable capacity of
producing desired metabolites. Isolation and preservation of different types of mutants induction
resistant, feedback inhibition resistant. Concept for over production of primary and secondary

Unit V
Details of the process, parameters and materials -for the industrial manufacture of Antibiotics (β-
lactum), Solvents (acetone) Amino acid (Lysine), Organic acids (Citric acid), Alcohols
(Ethanol), Ind. Enzymes (Protease/Amylase) and Biopharmaceuticals (Insulin/Interferon etc.)-
Microbial Transformations, Microbial leaching.

Text books and References:
1. Murray Moo -Young , Comprehensive Biotechnology, Vol. 1 & III-latest ed.
2. Microbes & Fermentation, A. Lel and Kotlers Richard J. Mickey, Oriffin Publication
3. Industrial Fermentations- Leland, N. Y. Chemical Publishers.
4. Prescott and Dunn’s- Industrial Microbiology, 4 th, ed.
5. Biotechnology Series, Rehm, Reed & Weinheim, Verlag-Chemie.
6. Biochemical Engg., Aiba, Humphrey & Miller, Academic Press.
Fermentations & Enzyme technology,Wang & Humphrey, Wiley & Inter Scienceiotechnology

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