RBT552 FBL Syllabus, Fermentation Biotechnology Lab Syllabus – AKTU BT 5th SEM


RBT552 FBL Lap Syllabus

AKTU Biotechnology (BT) RBT552 FBL Syllabus for all experiments is provided below. Download link for BT 5th SEM RBT552 Fermentation Biotechnology Lab Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Biotechnology (BT) 5th SEM RBT552 FBL– Fermentation Biotechnology Lab Syllabus

RBT552: Fermentation Biotechnology Lab

1. Fermentative production of Penicillin Antibiotics using Penicilium chrysogenum.
2. To study the induction effect of β-galactosidase enzyme in E.coli.
3. Upstream and Downstream of bioprocess for the production of Citric acid by Aspergillus
4. Citric acid production from whey with glucose as supplementary carbon source by
Aspergillus niger
5. Microbial production of citric acid by solid state fermentation process.
6. Microbial production of enzymes by (a) solid state and (b) submerged fermentation.
7. Fermentative production of Ethanol using Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
8. Wine Fermentation.
9. Microbial production of Biosurfactant using suitable strain.
10. Microbial production of Biopolymer using suitable Strain.
11. Computational Design of Fermentative Process

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