RBT601 BE Syllabus, Bioprocess Engineering Syllabus


                                                                                   RBT601 BE Syllabus

AKTU Biotechnology (BT) RBT601 BE Syllabus for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for BT 6th SEM RBT601 Bioprocess Engineering Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Biotechnology(BT) 6th SEM RBT601 BE – Bioprocess Engineering Syllabus

RBT601: Bioprocess Engineering

Unit I 
Media Preparation, Media design and optimization. Microbial growth patterns and kinetics in
batch culture, Microbial growth parameters, Environmental conditions affect growth kinetics,
Kinetics of thermal death of microorganisms, Heat Generation by microbial growth, Quantitative
analysis of microbial growth by direct & indirect methods.
Unit II 
Sterilization: concept and methods. Type of Sterilizations, Batch heat sterilization of liquids,
Estimation of sterilizer efficiency, Continuous heat sterilization of liquids, Sterilization of air:
Methods &Mechanism, Design of depth filter and estimation of its efficiency. Stoichiometric
calculations, Theoretical prediction of yield coefficients, Stoichiometry of growth and product
formation, Maximum possible yield, Theoretical oxygen demand, Stoichiometry of single-cell
protein synthesis.
Unit III
Ideal Reactor Operation: Batch, Fed Batch & Continuous operation of mixed bioreactors,
Microbial pellet formation, Kinetics and dynamics of pallet formation. Chemostate with
immobilized cells, Chemostate with cell recycle, substrate utilization and product formation in
bioreactor, Scale up of Bioreactors
Unit IV 
Role of diffusion in Bioprocessing, Convective mass transfer, Gas-liquid mass transfer, Oxygen
uptake in cell cultures, Factor affecting cellular oxygen demand, Oxygen transfer in bioreactors,
Measurement of volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient, Oxygen transfer in large bioreactor.
Unit V 
Bioreactor control mechanism, Physical, Chemical and Biological environment of bioreactor,
Manual control system, Role of physical, chemical & biological sensors, Advanced control
strategies viz. PID controllers, Fuzzy logic based controllers and artificial neural network based
Controllers. Basic concepts of computer modeling and optimization in bioprocess applications.

Text Books and Reference Books
1. Principles of Microbe and cell cultivation- S. John Pirt, Butterworth Publication.
2. Bioprocess Engineering Principles – P. M. Doran, 5th ed.
3. Hand Book Of Bioengineering- Skalak R & Shu Chien, 4th ed.
4. Biochemical Engg. Bailly & Ollis, Academic Press
5. Introduction to Chemical Engg. Series, MCH Int. Series.
6. Biochemical & Biological Engg. Science, N. Blakebraugh, Academic Press
7.”Principles of fermentation technology” by P F Stanbury and A Whitaker, Pergamon press.
8. “Bioprocess Technology – Kinetics & Reactors” by A Moser, Springer-Verlag.
9. “Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Handbook” by B. Atkinson & F. Mavituna, 2nd
Ed.Stockton Press.
10. Biochemical Engineering- S. Aiba , A.E. Humphray, University of Tokyo Press.
11. Bioreactor Design & Product Yield, BIOTOL Series
12. Bioreactors in Biotechnology: A Practical approach by Scragg
13. Process Biotechnology Fundamentals by S.N. Mukopadhyay
14. Bioprocess Engineering: Basic Concepts by Shular & Kargi
15. Fermentation Microbiology & Biotechnology by Mansi

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