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                                                                      RBT602 PB Syllabus

AKTU Biotechnology (BT) RBT602 PB Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for BT 6th SEM RBT602 Plant Biotechnology Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Biotechnology(BT) 6th SEM RBT602 PB – Plant Biotechnology Syllabus

RBT602: Plant Biotechnology

Unit I 
Introductory history of plant biotechnology: Laboratory organization; Principles of Plant Tissue
Culture. Concepts of totipotency, competency, determinism, explants, inoculums,
Acclimatization.. Nutrition of plant cells; Nutrient media: Composition of commonly used
nutrient culture media with respect to their contents like inorganic chemicals, organic
constituents. An appraisal of different media, selection of media, Sterilisation of the media.
Hormones: Auxins, cytokinins, Gibberellins, Abscisic Acid, ethylene etc. Explant preparation
and Surface sterilization. Basic procedure for Aseptic Tissue transfer.
Culture of plant materials- explants selection and technique of culturing. Organogenesis,
Embryogenesis, Somaclonol variation, germiclonal variation Establishment, growth and
maintenance of Callus and cell suspension culture, Methods of sub culturing and transfer of
regenerated plants to the field. Tissue and organ culture; Cellular differentiation and regulation
of morphogenesis;. Somatic embryogenesis; Control of organogenesis and embryogenesis;
Single cell culture
Unit III 
Haploid production -Androgenesis; Anther and microspore culture; Gynogenesis; Embryo
culture and rescue in agricultural and horticultural corps; Protoplast isolation; Culture–
regeneration; Somatic hybrid-cybrids; In vitro selection of mutants – mutants for salts, disease,
cold, drought, herbicide and other stress conditions; Micropropagation: Application of
micropropagation in agriculture and forestry . Meristem culture and virus elimination; Shoot tip
Unit IV 
Improved crop varieties through somaclonal variation in in vitro cultures — Causes- stability and
utilization – genetic and epigenetic basis; Establishment of cell lines and evaluation. Application
of tissue culture for crop improvement in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Cryopreservation
and slow growth cultures, Freezing and storage, thawing, reculture. Application of plant tissue
culture in transgenic plants and production of secondary metabolites and industrial products.
Unit V
Genetic transformation using Ti plasmid Manipulation of gene expression in plants; Production
of marker free transgenic plants. Developing insect-resistance, disease-resistance, herbicide
resistance; stress and senescence tolerance in plants. Genetic manipulation of flower
pigmentation, Developing quality of seed storage, Provitamin A, iron proteins in rice,
Modification of food plant taste and appearance, yield increase in plants
1. Hudson T Hartmann: Plant Propagation-Principle and Practices
2. Principles of Plant Biotechnology- An Introduction of Genetic Engineering in Plants by S.H.
Mantell, J.W. Mathews and R.A. Mckee, Blackwell Scientific Publications.
3. Chopra V L, Sharma R P & Swaminathan M S: Agricultural Biotechnology
4. Hamish A, Collin & Sue Edwards: Plant Cell Culture
5. Razdan M K: An Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture
6. Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture, Bhojwani and Rozdan
7. H.S. Chawla. Plant Biotechnology, Oxford IBH publications

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