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RCE 554 CL Lap Syllabus

AKTU CIVIL ENGINEERING (CE) RCE 554 CL Syllabus for all experiments is provided Below. Download link for CE 5th SEM RCE 554 CONCRETE LAB Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University CIVIL ENGINEERING (CE) 5th SEM RCE 554 CL – CONCRETE LAB Syllabus

1. Study of IS codes for (i) Aggregates (ii) Cements (iii) Admixtures (iv) Fly ash
2. Concrete Mix design computation by ACI 211.1-91 method, IS code method as per 10262-
2007 & 456-2000, DOE method for given sample.
3. Preparation and testing of samples as per any one of the above mentioned computations
(Minimum grade of concrete is M30)
4. Tests on Concrete- (a) Workability tests – Slump cone test, compaction factor test, Vee-bee
consistometer test, flow table test. (b) Strength tests- compressive strength, flexural strength,
split tensile strength.
5. Effects of Admixture – Accelerator, Retarder, Super Plasticizer.
6. Non destructive Testing – Rebound Hammer test, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity test.
1. Concrete Technology – A.M. Neville & J. J. Brooks , Pearson
2. Concrete Technology Theory & Practice-M.S. Shetty, S. Chand Publishers
3. Concrete Technology Theory & Practice-M.L. Gambhir, TMH Publishers
4. IS:10262-2009-Concrete Mix Proportioning Guidelines

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