RCE 601 DS-II Syllabus, DESIGN OF STRUCTURE –II Syllabus


                                                               RCE 601 DS-II Syllabus

AKTU CIVIL ENGINEERING (CE) RCE 601 DS-II Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for CE 6th SEM RCE 601 DESIGN OF STRUCTURE –II Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Unit – 1
Introduction to Various Design Philosophies, Design of Rectangular Singly and Doubly
Reinforced Sections by Working Stress Method. Assumptions in Limit State Design Method,
Design of Rectangular Singly and Doubly Reinforced beams, T-beams, L-beams by Limit State
Design Method.
Unit – 2
Behaviour of RC beam in Shear, Shear Strength of beams with and without shear reinforcement,
Minimum and Maximum shear reinforcement, design of beam in shear.
Introduction to development length, Anchorage bond, flexural bond. (Detailed Examples by
Limit State Design Method), Failure of beam under shear, Concept of Equivalent Shear and
Unit – 3
Design of one way, One way continuous and cantilever solid slabs by Limit State Design
Method, Design of RCC staircases.
Design of lintels and chajjas. Design of two way slabs by limit state method, Serviceability Limit
States, Control of deflection, cracking and vibrations.
Unit – 4
Design of Columns by Limit State Design Method- Effective height of columns, Assumptions,
Minimum eccentricity, Short column under axial compression, requirements for reinforcement,
Column with helical reinforcement, Short column under axial load and uni-axial bending, Design
of columns under bi-axial loading by Design Charts.
Unit – 5
Structural behaviour of footings, Design of isolated footings, combined rectangular and
trapezoidal footings by Limit State Method, Design of strap footings.
Structural behaviour of retaining wall, stability of retaining wall against overturning and sliding,
Design of cantilever retaining wall by Limit State Method.
1. IS: 456 – 2000.
2. Reinforced Concrete Design by S. U. Pillai & D. Menon, Tata Mc.- Graw, New Delhi
3. Reinforced Concrete – Limit State Design by A. K. Jain, Nem Chand & Bros., Roorkee.
4. Reinforced Concrete Vol. – II by H.J. Shah, Charotar Publisher, Gujarat.
5. RCC Designs (Reinforced Concrete Structures) by B.C. Punmia, Ashoka Kumar Jain and
Arun Kumar Jain, Laxmi Publishers, New Delhi.
6. Reinforced Concrete Structures by R. Park and Pauley.
7. Reinforced Concrete Design by P. Dayaratnam.
8. Reinforced Concrete Design by M.L. Gambhir
9. Reinforced Concrete Design by S.N. Sinha , TMH
10. Plain and Reinforced Concrete Vol. I & II by O.P. Jain & Jai Krishna, Nem Chand & Bros.
11. SP-16: Design Aid to IS- 456.

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