RCS-653 WTL Syllabus, WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB Syllabus


                                                                RCS-653 WTL  Lab Syllabus

AKTU INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY(IT) RCS-653 WTL Syllabus for all experiments is provided Below. Download link for IT 6th SEM RCS-653 WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


RCS-653 Web Technology Lab
It is expected that student will apply concept of Java and Advance Java in Lab :
1. Write HTML/Java scripts to display your CV in navigator, your Institute website, Department Website and Tutorial website for specific subject
2. Design HTML form for keeping student record and validate it using Java script.
3. Write an HTML program to design an entry form of student details and send it to store at database server like SQL, Oracle or MS Access.
4. Write programs using Java script for Web Page to display browsers information.
5. Write a Java applet to display the Application Program screen i.e. calculator and other.
6. Writing program in XML for creation of DTD, which specifies set of rules. Create a style sheet in CSS/ XSL & display the document in internet explorer.
7. Program to illustrate JDBC connectivity. Program for maintaining database by sending queries. Design and implement a simple servlet book query with the help of JDBC & SQL. Create MS Access Database, Create on ODBC link, Compile & execute JAVA JDVC Socket.
8. Install TOMCAT web server and APACHE. Access the above developed static web pages for books web site, using these servers by putting the web pages developed .
9. Assume four users user1, user2, user3 and user4 having the passwords pwd1, pwd2, pwd3 and pwd4 respectively. Write a servlet for doing the following. Create a Cookie and add these four user id’s and passwords to this Cookie. 2. Read the user id and passwords entered in the Login form and authenticate with the values available in the cookies.
10. Install a database (Mysql or Oracle). Create a table which should contain at least the following fields: name, password, email-id, phone number Write a java program/servlet/JSP to connect to that database and extract data from the tables and
display them. Insert the details of the users who register with the web site, whenever a new user clicks the submit button in the registration page.
11. Write a JSP which insert the details of the 3 or 4 users who register with the web site by using registration form. Authenticate the user when he submits the login form using the user name and password from the database
12. Design and implement a simple shopping cart example with session tracking API.

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