RCT 501 TT-I Syllabus, Textile Testing I Syllabus


                                                                     RCT 501 TT-I Syllabus

AKTU CARPET AND TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY (CTT) RCT 501 TT-I Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for CTT 5th SEM RCT 501 Textile Testing I Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University CARPET AND TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY(CTT) 5th SEM RCT 501 TT-I – Textile Testing I Syllabus

RCT 501 Textile Testing I 

Objectives of Testing, selection of samples for testing, Random and biased sampling, Principles
of sampling for fibre/yarn/fabric testing, Effect of moisture on different fibre properties, moisture
content & regain; measurement of atmospheric conditions, Brief description and working
principle of moisture meter.
Fibre Length: measurement of fibre length and variation. Concept of span length and
determination of 2.5% and 50% span length. Concept of Baer Sorter Diagram.
Fibre Fineness: various methods of determination of fibre fineness – air flow method.
Strength: definitions; stress strain diagram of different fibres. Principle & brief description of
modern fibre testing equipments like-H.V.I., AFIS, OFDA, WIRA FDM, Laser Scan, etc.
F.Q.I. and its technical significance,
Fibre maturity: methods of determination of fibre maturity. Determination of medullation % of
Yarn Fault Testing: Classification of Yarn Faults and yarn classifying systems .
Yarn Hairiness:Causes and its measurement.
Yarn Twist:Definition of Twist & its measurement, level of twist
Evenness Testing (Sliver, Rove & Yarn)
Type of irregularity and its expression;Index of irregularity; limit irregularity; addition of
irregularities, variation between & within samples; B(L) & V(L) curves;
Measurement of short term and long term variation of Sliver, Rove & Yarn. Short term variation
(U%): Principles of measurement of u% of textile fibre strand, thick place, thin place &neps:
Causes and effect of yarn irregularity: nature of irregularity; periodic irregularity, random

1. Principles of Textile Testing by J. E. Booth
2. Physical Testing of Textiles by Saville
3. Handbook of Textile Testing & Quality Control by Grover & Hamby
4. Physical Testing & Quality Control by K. Slater (Textile Institute)
5. Testing & Quality Management by V. K. Kothari

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