Reading and Listening, not possible at the same time!


Points to Ponder before designing a Presentation
This article is for both the presenters and the listeners in a typical training session.
For the Presenter:
During presentations, when the slide is portrayed, the presenter might tend to begin the topic, but, the audience are predominantly trying to acquire the information from the slide.

If the presenter continues to speak without the space for the audience to have a transition from reading to listening, we know the rest of the story 🙂
It is advisable to:

  1. Show the slide, but not to tell- Give enough time for observation
  2. Set the context, but not the framework

Context must be set for every piece of information to be discussed. In case, we proceed to discuss on the entire framework, indirectly the flow is interrupted by audiences’ interrogative expressions.
For the Listener:
Writing the points during the presentation does not successfully interpret the core agenda. In fact, we miss the central idea and stick to supporting information.
This habit, indirectly affects the memory of the listener as the central idea of the session remains non-decoded.
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