REE503 CS Syllabus, CONTROL SYSTEM Syllabus


                                                                       REE503 CS Syllabus

AKTU ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING(EEE) REE503 CS Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for EEE 5th Sem REE503 CONTROL SYSTEM Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Unit-I: Control System Concepts:
Concept of Control system, Physical Systems and their Mathematical Modeling, Constructional and working
of AC & DC servomotor, synchros, stepper motor and tachometer. Transfer function models,Block diagram
algebra, Signal flow graph, Mason’s gain formula,Open loop and closed loop systems and their sensitivity
Unit-II: Time Response Analysis:
Standard test signals, time response of first and second order systems, time response specifications, steady
state errors and error constants.
Design specifications of second order systems,Proportional, Derivative, Integral and PID compensations,
design considerations for higher order systems and performance indices.
Unit-III: Stability and Algebraic Criteria:
Concept of stability and its necessary conditions, Routh-Hurwitz criteria and its limitations.
Root Locus Technique:
Root contour, Construction of root loci, Effect of transportation lag and Root locus of non minimal phase
system and Effect of pole-zero cancellation.
Unit-IV: Frequency Response Analysis:
Frequency Response analysis from transfer function model, Construction of polar and inverse polar plots.
Stability in Frequency Domain:Nyquist stability criterion, Determination of gain and phase margin from
Bode &Nyquist Plots, Nichol Charts, Correlation between time and Frequency Responses.
Unit-V: Introduction to Design:
The design problems and preliminary considerations of lead, lag and lead-lag compensation networks, design
of closed loop systems using compensation techniques in time and frequency domains.
State Space Technique:
The concept of state & space, State-space model of physical system, conversion of state-space to transfer
function model and vice-versa, Similarity transformation of the control system, Concept of controllability and
observability and their testing.
Text Books:
1. Nagrath & Gopal, “Control System Engineering”, New age International.
2. K. Ogata, “Modern Control Engineering”, Pearson India.
3. B.C. Kuo & Farid Golnaraghi, “Automatic Control System” McGraw Hill, 2018.
4. D. Roy Choudhary, “Modern Control Engineering”, Prentice Hall of India.
5. Ambikapathy, “Control Systems”,Khanna Publishers
Reference Books:
5. Norman S. Mise, Control System Engineering , Wiley Publishing Co.
6. Ajit K Mandal, “Introduction to Control Engineering” New Age International.
7. R.T. Stefani, B.Shahian, C.J.Savant and G.H. Hostetter, “Design of Feedback Control Systems” Oxford
University Press.
8. Samarjit Ghosh, “ Control Systems theory and Applications”, Pearson Education

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