REE602 MP Syllabus, MICROPROCESSOR Syllabus


                                                                REE602 MP Syllabus

AKTU ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS-IIL ENGINEERING(EEE) REE602 MP Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for EEE 6th SEM REE602 MICROPROCESSOR Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Unit-I: Introduction to Microprocessor:
Introduction to Microprocessor and its applications, Microprocessor Evolution Tree, Microprocessor
Architecture (Harward & Princeton), General Architecture of the Microprocessor and its operations,
Component of Microprocessor system: Processor, Buses, Memory, Inputs-outputs (I/Os) and other Interfacing
Unit-II: 8-bit Microprocessor:
Intel 8085 microprocessor:
Pin Diagram, Internal architecture: ALU, Registers, Timing and control unit, interrupt:
Instruction Set of 8085:
Instruction format, op-codes, mnemonics, no. of bytes computation of the instruction, Machine cycles and Tstates
and Execution time computation of an instruction. Classification of instruction with their examples.
Writing of assembly Language programs.
Unit-III: 16-bit Microprocessor:
Architecture of Intel 8086:
Pin Diagram, Bus Interface Unit, Execution unit, Register organization, Memory addressing, Memory
Segmentation, Pipelining, Min & Max operating Modes
8086Instruction set:
Format, Addressing Modes, Instruction Set Groups: Data transfer, Arithmetic, Logic, String, Branch control
transfer and Processor control.
Interrupts: Hardware and software interrupts.
Unit-IV: Fundamental of Programming:
Program structure for microprocessors, Flowcharts of series, parallel, and controls structures.
Assembler Level Programming:
Memory space allocation for monitor and user program.Assembly language program using Debug or MASM
Unit-V: Peripheral Interfacing:
Programmed I/O, Memory Mapped I/O, Interrupt Driven I/O, DMA I/O interface, Serial and Parallel
Peripheral Devices:
DMA controller (Intel 8237), Programmable peripheral interface (Intel 8255), Programmable timer/counter
(Intl 8253/8254),Programmable Interrupt Controller (Intel 8259).
Text Books:
1. Gaonkar, Ramesh S, “Microprocessor Architecture, programming and applications with the 8085” Pen
ram International Publishing 5th Ed.
2. Avtar Singh& Walter A. Triebel “8088 & 8086 Microprocessor” Pearson Education.
3. Ray, A.K. &Burchandi, K.M., “Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals: Architecture,
Programaming and Interfacing” Tata Mc. Graw Hill.
4. AK Gautam, “Advanced Microprocessors”, Khanna Publishers.
Reference Books:
5. Brey, Barry B. “INTEL Microprocessors” Prentice Hall ( India)
6. Aditya P Mathur, “Introduction to Microprocessor” Tata McGraw Hill
7. M. Rafiquzzaman, “Microprocessors- Theory & applications”, Pearson India.
8. B. Ram, “Advanced Microprocessor & Interfacing” Tata McGraw Hill
9. Renu Singh & B.P. Singh, “Microprocessor and Interfacing and applications” New Age International
10. Liu and Gibson G.A., “Microcomputer Systems: The 8086/8088 Family Architecture Programming &
Design” Pearson India.

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