REV 654 EC Syllabus, ENVIRONMENT CAMP Syllabus


                                                                     REV 654 EC  Camp Syllabus

AKTU ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING(EE) REV 654 EC Syllabus for all experiments is provided Below. Download link for EE 6th SEM REV 654 ENVIRONMENT CAMP Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (EE) 6th SEM REV 654 EC – Environment Camp Syllabus

REV 654: Environment Camp 
The purpose of the camp is to train students in applying modern techniques/ equipment to
prepare a detailed report of selected study area. The course will be run in the form of a camp for
7 working days and will involve one or more of the following components:
1. Study of the environmental problems in the study area.
2. Sampling work and analysis in the lab.
3. Field study and primary data collection.
4. Secondary data collection from agencies.
5. Statistical analysis of data, model development and estimating pollutant quantities.
6. Designing of system using software/ model/ data.
7. Preparing a map using GIS software and report writing.
Note: The students should be given a comprehensive problem at the end which requires
inputs/knowledge/application from all the units of the syllabus. It may be evaluated as a part of
1. Metcalf &Eddy “Waste water Engineering: Treatment & Reuse”, Tata Mc Graw Hill.
2. Azad, H.S. “Industrial Waste water Management Hand book”, Mc-Graw Hill.
3. Arceivala, S.J. & Asolekar, S.R. “Waste water Treatment for Pollution Control and Reuse’’,
Mc-Graw Hill.
4. Culp, G., George, W., Williams, R. and Mark, Hughes, V.J r. “Waste water Reuse and
Recycling Technology‐ Pollution Technology ”Review‐ 72, Noyes Data Corporation, New
5. Pandey, G.N. and Corney, G.C. “Environmental Engineering”, Tata Mc-Graw Hill.
6. Edmund, B. Besselieve P.E. “The Treatment of Industrial Wastes”, Mc-Graw Hill.
7. Nancy, J.S. “Industrial Pollution Control: Issues and Techniques”, Van Nostrand Reinhold.
8. Shen, T.T. “Industrial Pollution Prevention Hand book”, Springer‐ Verlag.
9. Environment (protection) Act‐ 1986, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of
10. A K Jain, Environmental Engineering, Khanna Publishing House.

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