RFT601 BT Syllabus, BAKERY TECHNOLOGY Syllabus


                                                               RFT601 BT Syllabus

AKTU FOOD TECHNOLOGY(FT) RFT601BT Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for FT 6th SEM RFT601BAKERY TECHNOLOGY Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University FOOD TECHNOLOGY (FT) 6th SEM RFT601 BT – BAKERY TECHNOLOGY Syllabus

Wheat flour and wheat flour treatments – Grade of flour, constituents of flour – ageing of flour –
Tests for flour quality. Yeast : Characteristics, Preparation, Handling & Storage, Adequacy for use in
bakery industry. Ingredients, Technology and quality parameters for baked products: Bread, Biscuits
and cakes.
Bakery equipment and machinery. Different types of Mixers, kneaders and cutters. Different types of
ovens. Packaging machinery for bread and biscuits. Quality control in bakery industry. Quality
control of raw materials. Quality control of finished products. Quality control of packaging materials.
Technology of bread making Different methods. Process steps and their significance. Characteristics
of good bread. Defects in bread their causes and remedies.
Technology of Cakes Manufacture. Different cake making processes. Sugar batter method, Flour
batter method ,Modified sugar batter method Whipping method, Blending method etc. Process steps
and their significance. Importance of baking time and temperature. Recipe balancing .Defects in
cakes, their causes and remedies.
Biscuits. Definition and types. Fermented dough biscuits. Cookies. Types of cookies and their
manufacture. Cream biscuits. Process steps and their significance. Defects in biscuits their causes
and remedires.
Text Books :
1. E.J Pyler: Baking Science and Technology: Vol.1 & 2, 3rd Edition, Sosland, 1988
2. Samuel A.Matz: Bakery Technology and Engineering, Springer US
3. Samuel A.Matz: Cookie and Cracker technology, AVI Publications
4. H. Faridi:The Science of Cookie and Cracker Production, CBS Publishers & Distributors, N Delhi

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