RFT602 DT Syllabus, DAIRY TECHNOLOGY Syllabus


                                                                     RFT602 DT Syllabus

AKTU FOOD TECHNOLOGY(FT) RFT602 DT Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for FT 6th SEM RFT602 DAIRY TECHNOLOGY Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University FOOD TECHNOLOGY (FT) 6th SEM RFT602 DT – DAIRY TECHNOLOGY Syllabus

Fluid Milk: Composition of milk and factor affecting it. Physico-chemical characteristics of milk and
milk constituents. Production and collection , cooling and transportation of milk. Packaging storage
and distribution of pasteurized milk.
Whole, Standardized, Toned, Double toned and skim milk. Test for milk quality and Adulteration.
UHT processed milk, flavored, Sterilized milk. Cleaning and sanitization of dairy equipments.
Definition, Classification, Composition and physico-chemical properties of cream. Production
processes and quality control.
Butter: Definition, Classification, Composition and methods of manufacture, Packaging and storage.
Butter oil/Ghee. Ice cream: Definition, Classification and Composition, Constituents and their role.
Preparation of mixes and freezing of Ice cream, Overrun, Judging, Grading, and defects of Ice
Evaporated and Condensed milk: Method of manufacture, Packaging and storage. Defects, Causes,
and prevention. Roller and Spray Drying of milk solids. Instantization. Flow ability, Dustiness,
Reconstituability, Dispersability, Wet ability, Sink ability and appearance of milk powders.
Byproducts of Dairy Industry and their effective utilization. Manufacture of casein, Whey protein,
Lactose from milk and their use in formulated foods. Quality Control tests in Dairy industry.
Text Books :
1. Sukumar De: Outlines of Dairy Technology, Oxford University Press, 1980
2. .Aneja, Mathur, Chandan & A.K.Bannerji: Technology of Indian Milk Products: Dairy India Publication
3. Shivashraya Singh: Dairy Technology: Vol.01: Milk and Milk Processing, New India Publishing Agency, 2013
4. Meghwal. Goyal and Chavan: Dairy Engineering: Advanced Technologies and their applications, apple
Academic Press, Canada.

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