RIC603 CS-I Syllabus, CONTROL SYSTEM-I Syllabus


                                                                RIC603 CS-I Syllabus

AKTU Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Instrumentation & Control Engineering, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Instrumentation Engineering  ( EIE,ICE,AEI,IE) RIC603 CS-I Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for EIE,ICE,AEI,IE 6th SEM RIC603 CONTROL SYSTEM-I Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.

UP Technical University Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Instrumentation & Control Engineering, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Instrumentation Engineering (EIE,ICE,AEI,IE) 6th SEM RIC603 CS-I– CONTROL SYSTEM-I Syllabus

Basic Components of a control system, Feedback and its effect, types of feedback control systems. Block diagrams Reduction and signal flow graphs, Modeling of Physical systems: electrical networks, mechanical systems elements, equations of mechanical systems, sensors and encoders in control systems, DC motors in control systems, Analogous Systems.
State-Variable Analysis: Vector matrix representation of state equation, state transition matrix, state-transition equation, relationship between state equations and high-order differential equations, relationship between state equations and transfer functions. Similarity Transformation, Decomposition of transfer functions, Controllability and observability, Eigen Value and Eigen Vector, Diagonalization.
Time domain Analysis of Control Systems: Time response of continuous data systems, typical test signals for the time response of control systems, the unit step response and time-domain specifications, Steady-State error, time response of a first order system, transient response of a prototype second order system.
Stability of Linear Control Systems: Bounded-input bounded-output stability continuous data systems, zero-input and asymptotic stability of continuous data systems, Routh Hurwitz criterion. Root-Locus Technique: Introduction, Properties of the Root Loci, Design aspects of the Root Loci.
Frequency Domain Analysis: Mr (resonant peak) and ωr (resonant frequency) and bandwidth of the prototype Second order system, effects of adding a zero to the forward path, effects of adding a pole to the forward path, Polar Plot, Nyquist stability criterion, relative stability: gain margin and phase margin, stability analysis with the Bode plot.

Text Book:
1. B.C. Kuo & Farid Golnaraghi, “Automatic Control Systems”, 8th Edition, John Wiley India, 2008.
Reference Books:
1. I. J. Nagrath & M. Gopal, “Control System Engineering”, New Age International Publishers
2. 2. A. Ambikapathy, Control Systems, Khanna Publishing House, Delhi.
3. Joseph J. Distefano III, Allen R. Stubberud, Ivan J. Williams, “Control Systems” Schaums Outlines Series, 3rdEdition, Tata McGraw Hill, Special Indian Edition 2010.
4. William A. Wolovich, “Automatic Control Systems”, Oxford University Press, 2010.

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