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                                                                                RME 602 TM Syllabus

AKTU AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING(AE) RME 602 TM Syllabus for all 5 units are provided below. Download link for AE 6th SEM RME 602 THEORY OF MACHINES Syllabus is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Unit – I
INTRODUCTION: DEFINITIONS: Link or element, kinematic pairs, degrees of freedom, Grubler’s
criterion (without derivation), Kinematic chain, Mechanism, structure, Mobility of Mechanism,
Inversion, Machine Gashoff’s criteria.
Kinematic Chains And Inversions: Inversions of Four bar chain; Single slider crank chain and Double
slider crank chain.
MECHANISMS: Quick return motion mechanisms-Drag link mechanism, Whitworth mechanism and
Crank and slotted lever Mechanism. Straight line motion mechanisms Peaucellier’s mechanism and
Robert’s mechanism. Intermittent Motion mechanisms Geneva mechanism and Ratchet and Pawl
mechanism. Toggle mechanism, Pantograph, Davis & Ackerman steering gear mechanism.
Unit II
CAMS: Types of cams, Types of followers, Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration time curves for
cam profiles. Disc cam with reciprocating follower having knife-edge, roller and flat-faced follower,
Disc cam with oscillating roller follower, Follower motions including SHM, Uniform velocity,
uniform acceleration and retardation and Cycloidal motion.
Unit III
BALANCING OF MACHINERY: Static and Dynamic balancing, balancing of singlerotating mass in
same plane and in different planes. Balancing of several rotating masses in same plane and in
different planes. Balancing of reciprocating masses. Inertia effect of
crank and connecting road.
Unit – IV
SPUR GEARS: Gear terminology, law of gearing, Characteristics of involute action, Path of contact,
Arc of contact, Contact ratio, Interference in involute gears, Methods of avoiding: interference, Back
lash, Comparison of involute and cycloidal teet
GEAR TRAINS: Simple gear trains, Compound gear trains for large speed reduction, Epicyclic gear
trains, Algebraic and tabular methods of finding velocity ratio of epicyclic gear trains. Tooth load and
torque calculations in epicyclic gear trains.
Unit V
BELTS, ROPES AND CHAINS: Introduction, Belt and Rope drives, open and crossed belt drives,
action of belt on pulleyes, velocity ratio, slip, law of belting, length of belt, Ratio of friction, chains,
chain length and analytical, classification of chains.
GOVERNORS: Types of governors; force analysis of Porter and Hartnell governors. Controlling
force, stability, sensitiveness, isochronisms, effort and power.
Text Books:
1. Rattan S.S, “Theory of Machines” Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New
Delhi, and 2nd edition -2005.
2. Sadhu Singh, “Theory of Machines,” Pearson Education (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd., Indian
Branch, New Delhi, 2ND Edi. 2006.
3. Jagadish Lal, ‘Theory of Machine’, Dhanpat Rai Publications, New Delhi.
Reference books:
1. Shigley. J. V. and Uickers, J.J., “Theory of Machines & Mechanisms” OXFORD University
2. “Theory of Machines -I”, by A.S.Ravindra, Sudha Publications, Revised 5th Edi. 2004.

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