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AKTU TEXTILE CHEMISTRY(TC) RTT501TT-I Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for TC 5th SEM RTT501 TEXTILE TESTING-I Syllabus is listed down for students to make Perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Textile Testing-I 
Unit (1):

Introduction to fiber, yarn and fabric testing, sampling, random sampling,
biased sampling, sampling techniques, square and cut-square technique, selection of
sample for testing.

Unit (2):

Atmospheric conditions for testing, absolute and relative humidity, moisture
regain & moisture content and their measurement, dry and wet bulb hygrometer,
importance of moisture in textiles, effect of moisture on properties (physical, &
mechanical) of textile material, factors affecting the regain, Shirley moisture meter,
control of atmospheric conditions during testing.

Unit (3):

Measurement of physical characteristics of cotton viz. length, fineness,
maturity, bundle strength, colour and foreign matter including principle, construction,
operation, and calibration of the equipment in common use.

Unit (4):

Mechanical properties of fibres, relation between structure and mechanical
properties of fibres, Measurement of physical properties of man-made fibres i.e. length,
denier, strength, elongation, modulus, work of rupture, crimp, spin finish, fibre quality
index etc.

Unit (5):

determination of yarn count, diameter, resultant count of folded yarn, relation
between Ne, D, T, Nm, Instruments used for determination of count, quadrant balance,
Knowles balance, Beeslay balance and physical balance, Twist, classification of twist,
twist measurement, direct counting method, continuous twist tester, twist-untwist
method, Twist tester, R.B. twist tester, level of twist.

Text Books and Reference material:
1. Quality control and testing management, by V.K. Kothari
2. Principles of textile testing, by J.E. Booth
3. Physical testing of textiles, by B.P. Savile
4. Physical properties of fibres, by W.E. Morton and J.W.S. Hearle
Laboratory work: As per lab syllabus

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