RTT601 TT-II Syllabus, TEXTILE TESTING-II Syllabus


                                                                                 RTT601 TT-II Syllabus

AKTU TEXTILE CHEMISTRY(TC) RTT601 TT-II Syllabus for all 5 units are provided Below. Download link for TC 6th SEM RTT601 TEXTILE TESTING-II Syllabus is listed down for students to make Perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.


Textile Testing-II 
Unit (1): Tensile properties of yarn and fabric, stress-strain curve, various methods
for finding of yield point, methods for finding of various modulus, destination of
tenacity, and stiffness of fabric.

Unit (2): Procedure of determination of strength and elongation in the spun yarns,
knowledge about the equipment used, yarn tensile strength testing machines, single
yarn strength tester, lea strength tester, fabric strength tester- impact tester, Grab test,
fabric B.S. Test, Scott serigraph, Instron tensile tester.

Unit(3): Measurement of evenness testing of yarns, nature and causes of irregularities,
principles and methods of evenness testing, evaluation and interpretation of evenness diagram
& spectrogram and their associated equipment, Classimat faults.

Unit (4): Measurement of physical properties of fabric and the knowledge of the equipment
used, tensile strength, bursting strength, tearing strength, pilling, air permeability, crimp,
thickness, EPI, PPI, weight and cover factor.

Unit (5): Measurement of water repellency, shrinkage, measurement of fastness to light and
rubbing, thermal transmission, Brief introduction to FAST and KAWABATA. Total

Text Books & Reference Books:
1. Physical testing of textiles by B.P. Saville.
2. Quality control and testing management by Dr. V.K. Kothari.
3. Principles of textile testing by J.E. Booth.
4. Quality control by V.K. Kothari

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